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This page contains application forms and documents produced by the Network, publications about cultural competence and examples of training materials.

Network Documents

Ethnicity Training Network Leaflet Trainers Application Form
Request for Training Application Form Cultural Competence Model
Cultural Competence in Health and Social Care Course
Individual Mentoring and Coaching Flyer Individual Mentoring and Coaching Information
Previous newsletters - March 2005, June 2005, September 2005, December 2005


How can we ensure culturally competent services?

Research in Practice for Adults, Outline 14, Dr Ghazala Mir, Centre for Health and Social Care, University of Leeds

Research in practice for adults is a department of Dartington - an international centre for the generation and application of new ideas -

International Medical Interpreters Association - Guide on Medical Translation

A useful guide on medical translation.

Assessing the Need for an Interpreter
Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health

The Race Equality Foundation has produced a series of Better Health Briefing Papers. These can be downloaded from their website.

Improving services for people with learning disabilities from minority ethnic communities - The second national survey of Partnership Boards.

These examples of good practice were identified through the National Survey on Ethnicity and Learning Disability in 2007.

Towards Race Equality in Health - A Guide to Policy and Good Practice for Workforce Development, NHS 2007.
Count Me In - Results of the 2007 national census of inpatients in mental health and learning disability services in England and Wales
Equal Treatment: Closing the Gap - a Disability Rights Commission report on their formal investigation into health inequalities, 2006
Ramadan - Health and Spirituality Guide - A guide providing information and advice on maximising health gain during Ramadan - published by Communities in Action 2006
Access to health care for minority ethnic groups - King's Fund 2006
Addressing the health needs of people from minority ethnic communities - G Mir and H Abuateya, 2005
The speech prepared by Dr Ladyman for the Ethnicity Training Network Conference - 24 March 2005
Ethnicity Training Network Conference Report - 24 March 2005
The Government's Annual Report on Learning Disability - 2005
Ethnic Disparities in Health and Healthcare - P Aspinall and B Jackson 2004
Delivering race equality - A framework for action - Department of Health 2003
Cultural Competence in Healthcare - J Betancourt, A Green and E Carillo, October 2002

Training Materials and Resources for Trainers

(Network trainers only - please contact the Network for password)

Disability, Religion and Health - a literature review in search of the spiritual dimensions of dsability - S Selway and A Ashman 1998

Better Services, Better Health - S Shah and M Priestley 2001
Valuing Diversity - the disability agenda - J Campbell 2002
Diversity in Disability - D Molloy, T Knight and K Woodfield 2003
Using Needs Assessment to resolve controversies in diversity training - L Roberson, C Kulik and M Pepper 2003

Additional Resources

The South Asian Health Forum Bollywood style film - Dil Ki Baatein - aimed at raising awareness of heart disease in the UK's South Asian community
'HOPE' is the first journal to be set up by and for Asian disabled people. It is run by people who have spent a long time working on disability issues in the UK and abroad. The first issue of HOPE should be produced in October at the same time as the 'Diwali' & 'Eid' celebrations.
HOPE can be contacted at

The National Learning Disability & Ethnicity Network

This is a Lloyds TSB / Department of Health funded project to set up and run a good practice / information sharing network on all initiatives concerned with Learning Disability and Ethnicity

For further information visit their website here.

Yorkshire and the Humber BME Information Service

The BME Information Service of Yorkshire and The Humber Regional Forum promotes effective and sustainable regional and sub-regional Black and Minority Ethnic community and voluntary sector infrastructure.

For further information visit their website here.

Procurement and the Equality Standard

Mandy Wright, IDeA's Associate Director for Workforce and Diversity Issues, spells out the key things commissioners need to bear in mind for equality and diversity.

View her presentation here.

How to be culturally confident
A guide to cultural competence

View the poster, or visit the Multicultural Disability Advocacy
Association of NSW
who produced it.

The Centre for Culture Ethnicity & Health

The Centre is an Australian government-funded organisation that supports health service providers to effectively meet the needs of people from diverse backgrounds.

Visit their website to view some of the resources they have produced.

Health Education Assesst Library

Cultural Competency

This web site provides an overview of concepts and content related to cultural competency in health care: tips for providing culturally competent care, communication with patients, working with interpreters, traditional beliefs of primary ethnic groups in South Carolina, religious and spiritual issues, and resources.

Non-English Language Health Information

This Department of Health website offers publications on a wide range of health issues in different languages.  The publications can be downloaded in a variety of languages, and hard copies can ordered. 

East Coast Centre for Diversity

A part of Grimsby College, the Centre provides useful resources for trainers to use when delivering equality and diversity training. 

Government Equality Office

GEO has responsibility within Government for equality strategy and legislation and take the lead on issues relating to women, sexual orientation and transgender equality matters.

Ethnicity Online

Ethnicity Online addresses the need for a better understanding of ethnic differences in healthcare.

Cruse Bereavement Care - A Guide to Spiritual and Cultural Awareness

This is an essential guide on cultural and spiritual awareness for nurses
and allied professions.

Support for Nurses

This is a useful website containing information about common problems clinicians who work in the multi-cultural environment. There is also advice on what behaviours and actions clinicians should avoid when working in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment and why.

Office of Minority Health

This US website is a useful resource on minority health needs and referrals, as well as information on cultural competency training.

Cultural Competency in Health

A guide for policy, partnerships and participation. This Austrailian publication takes an in-depth look at many aspects of cultural competency, such as strategies for culturally competent promotion of healthier living and environments.


This organisation in Leeds help people facing mental health difficulties and their carers to live in the community with dignity and independence. They aim to enhance people's mental well being, and are strongly committed to equality, independence, choice and the right of everyone to receive the services they need.

Delivering Race Equality in Mental Healthcare

This website for practitioners, patients, carers and the wider BME community, show how appropriate and responsive services can be succesfully developed across England through positive steps supporting race equality in mental healthcare.

University of York Cultural Diversity Resource

This series of resources addresses broad cultural issues that impact on the health of individuals and families in ethnic minority communities. Its overall aim is to ensure full access to quality health care that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission

This website provides information about the equality agenda, new legislation, where and how to get help, and new research.

The Inter Faith Network for the UK

Founded in 1987 the network promotes good relations between people of different faiths in the UK. 


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