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7 January 2011

Valuing People Support Team workshops

ETN is working with the Valuing People Support Team to deliver a series of regional workshops about good practice in work on learning disabilities and ethnicity.  The workshops are  based on the training pack ETN has developed from research in this area. The regional events are aimed at practitioners and policymakers and have so far been held in Nottingham and Birmingham, with further events planned in York and Gloucester.  If you would like an event to be held in your region contact ETN for further details. 


1 April 2010

Department of Health Workshop

March 30th 2010

ETN has worked with the Department of Health to organise a workshop with leading ethnicity reserchers about the key principles and values driving UK research on ethnicity and health. The overview and recommendations from the workshop were presented at the 3rd Conference of Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Europe, in Pecs, Hungary on 27-29 May 2010. You can see the workshop programme and presentations on the linkds below:

Workshop Programme

Workshop Participants

Discussion Paper


Mark Johnson

Saffron Karlsen

Aziz Sheikh

Sarah Salway

Ghazala Mir

George Ellison

Joe Kai

Jan Cambridge

Mark Exworthy

For further information contact Ghazala Mir.


1 October 2009


Accredited Module on the Masters in Public
Health/PGDip/PGCert at the University of Leeds

This module focused on issues relating to culture, ethnicity and diversity in health and social care. It raised awareness of the current issues and challenges facing people from diverse groups in accessing health and social care services, relating to age, race, gender, religion and disability. This module also presented data on health disparities and reasons for their existence; explored diversity and cultural similarities and differences in patient populations; and presented strategies for enhancing services for diverse populations at the individual, organisational and policy level.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this module students were able to:

- discuss key concepts relating to cultural competence - race, ethnicity, culture and discrimination
- define and describe a range of inequalities in health and social care relating to ethnicity and culture
- describe common barriers to delivery and quality of health and social care in different ethnic groups
- explain structural issues that sustain inequalities in health and social care and strategies to address these

For further information contact Ghazala Mir.

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13 December 2007

Good Practice Showcase
Working with Minority Ethnic Communities
14th November 2007

A one day follow up event to our conference on 4 July, with the aim of highlighting how service providers have improved the way they work with minority ethnic communities and turned policies into action.


Presentations are available to listen to as mp3 audio files, as well as view PDFs of PowerPoint presentations.

  • Tony Ovenell and colleagues (Dewsbury Hospital) - Learning Disability Partnership Board South Asian Sub-group
    - Workshop details
  • Anitu Puri (Middlesbrough Council) - Developing Services for BME Communities
    Audio - PowerPoint
    - Workshop details
  • Prithvi Perepa (National Autistic Society) - Making ASD services accessible for minority ethnic communities
    Audio -
    PowerPoint - Workshop details
  • Abdirahman Adam Abdi - The Somali Community in Northamptonshire
  • Clare Rayner, Reache North West (Salford Royal Foundation NHS Trust) - Refugee Healthcare Professionals, a moral responsibility and a resource for the NHS
    Audio - PowerPoint
    - Workshop details
  • Claire Randolph (Asthma UK) - Asthma UK Extends its Reach to BME Communities
    Audio - PowerPoint - Workshop details
  • Ethnicity Training Network - Working together to improve services

Briefing Papers

Other Information

Delegates list
Information leaflet

Date Posted

19 July 2007

Working with Ethnic Minority Communities
4 July 2007

A one day conference held at the University of Leeds on 4 July, aimed at supporting service providers and people on Partnership Boards who want to engage with minority ethnic communities and make policies work for them.

Resources from the day are available to download as PDFs.

Briefing Papers
Effective communication with service users
We are not hard to reach
Carrying out equality impact assessments
Service Checklist

Introduction by Ghazala Mir
Kashif Admed Presentation
Kuldip Sohanpal Presentation
Ghazala Mir Presentation

Other Information
Action Points from the day
Delegates list
Conference information leaflet

Date Posted

23 August 2006


The Ethnicity Training Network August 2006 Newsletter is now availble for download. Hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions regarding it, please let us know!

Date Posted

26 July 2006


Training for Carers - we held a certificate presentation ceremony for our carers who took part in the above course. We were delighted to welcome them back and hear about their success stories resulting from the training! The ceremony was on 29 June and we all enjoyed a buffet afterwards. The ceremony was attended by members of the Ethnicity Training Network alongwith members of the Advisory Group. Well done to everyone once again. Click the links to see the pictures!

Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic5, Pic6, Pic7, Pic8, Pic9


Date Posted

23 May 2006


Interested in improving your training skills?

Interested in improving your knowledge on cultural competence?

Would you like to deliver training for the Ethnicity Training Network?


The Ethnicity Training Network is offering an individual coaching and mentoring programme tailored to your needs.

The Ethnicity Training Network is also developing an in-depth course on cultural competence - which would enable you to deliver training on behalf of the Ethnicity Training Network.

More details on the above are available on the 'Courses' page.


Date Posted

10 April 2006


Training for Trainers Seminar (10 Feb 2006)

We have written a list of Top Tips for Trainers from the seminar. These are a few ideas to bear in mind before, during and after training events. You can read the top tips here.

Date Posted

March 2006



To see a copy of our March 2006 Newsletter, please click on the link.

Copies of previous newsletter can be found on the resources page.


ETN was launched in March 2005 with a national conference.  The event was used to discuss and explore ideas around ethnicity and health training for health and social services, preventing stereotypes and promoting good practice.  The conference report and accessible conference report give more details of the presentations, workshops and people who attended.

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