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Here are some courses, conferences and seminars that are ongoing or about to happen. Please note, where these are not organised by the Ethnicity Training Network, you will need to use the contact given in the details to book a place. If a course you need is not listed please get in touch and we will do our best to meet your training needs.


In your own words: Better practice in commissioning and using interpreting and translation services in health in health and social care

Race Equality Foundation Event

18th November 2011
NCVO London

This free learning event is brought to you in partnership by the Race Equality Foundation, Sunderland City Council, Mothertongue, Everyday Language Solutions and the Department of Health. It will consider the importance of interpretation and translation services (ITS), addressing a number of questions including:

  • How can we improve commissioning of ITS services?
  • Are ITS cost-effective?
  • How can we achieve equality of care for communities in need in rural and urban England?

Limited places please contact Farah Islam-Barrett to book your place or call 0207 619 6220/6224

A flyer and booking form can be downloaded at:


Current Network Courses


ETN has created a training pack that uses interactive exercises and the best evidence on cultural competence in health and social care.  This contents page gives an idea of what can be covered and can be used to choose training that meets the needs of individual organisations.  We also have a pack especially for organisations working with people with learning disabilities.  If you would like to have training based on the pack please fill in an application form from the Resources section of this website.


Level 1: Introduction

The main aim of this level is to raise awareness of the needs, rights and cultural context of service users from minority ethnic and faith communities. This level is suitable for services providers who feel that more could be done to make their service better for people from these groups.

Examples of Courses
  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Race Equality and Disability

  • Race and Disability Equality Schemes and Impact Assessment

  • Health Inequalities and Human Rights

  • Faith identity and health in Pakistani Muslim communities

  • Somali community access to health and social care

  • Concepts of ethnicity; data availability and limitations; gender; socioeconomic disadvantages

  • Culture and the challange of racism

  • Ageing and well being among ethnic minorities in the UK

  • Respect for people - distance learning on diversity

  • The impact of political conflict on children's behaviour

Level 2: Engagement

This level aims to help organisations make links with local minority ethnic communities, develop local partnerships, information and policies, improve existing and new resources and establish structures and vision statements. This level is for service providers who want to know how to work with these communities and find out more about community structures. It also deals with recruiting people from minority ethnic and faith communities.

Examples of Courses
  • Communication skills
  • Black Lives: Health, hair and skin care, food and other important things in daily life
  • Health Action Plans - helping people to speak out

  • Supporting communication and decision making in Pakistani Muslim communities
  • A better way to share the news about a difficult diagnosis
  • Person centred planning
  • People, recruitment and development
  • Research methods and skills
  • Welcoming disabled people: distance learning on disabilities
Level 3: Planning and Action

This level is suitable for organisations that want to make their services more accessible and appropriate for people from minority ethnic and faith communities. It would involve working with people from these communities and planning changes in the way services are delivered with them.

Example of Courses
  • Community participation training: developing partnerships
  • Organisational Development: Integrating Ethnicity and Learning Disability
Level 4: Reviewing Services

This level aims to measure service user satisfaction and service outcomes as a way of measuring cultural competence throughout the service. The training will enable people to test how good this service is and measure progress. This level is for those who have worked to make their services accessible and want to know if there is anything else they need to do. Please get in touch with us to discuss this level of training.

Training for Trainers

The Network is keen to support individuals who are Senior Managers and Diversity Leads taking a lead in Cultural Competence. We currently do this through the following programmes:

1) a mentoring and coaching programme which aims to match you with an experienced trainer or mentor who would work with you on a one-to-one basis through training events and would support you with materials to support your development. A flyer with more information is available for you to access. Click here. Further details about what the programme will cover are available here.

2) an in-depth course on cultural competence which would equip you with research evidence and training materials. You would become licensed to deliver the ETN training to any organisation and we would continue to evaluate and feedback results of the impact of this training. This course is being developed as a Masters level module to begin in April 2009. Click here for further details.

3) special courses for people with learning disabilities and family carers.

If you are interested in any of the above options please get in touch with us.


All our courses are evaluated to measure statistical changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes at the individual as well as organisational level. We also encourage organisations to hold three month follow up meetings to enable staff to discuss progress and problems with implementing what they have learnt.

Evaluation questionnaires from training events and follow up meetings are fed back to organisations and used to guide and aim approach to training.

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