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Research shows that health and social services in the UK do not always meet the needs of people from minority ethnic and faith communities. This is even more of a problem for people from these communities who have learning disabilities.
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The Ethnicity Training Network has been created to help change the way that people think and work in health and social care services. The Network was set up with funding from the Department of Health. It is based at the Institute for Health Sciences and Public Health Research at the University of Leeds.
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The Network aims to:

  • Make it easier for health and support services to get training on ethnicity and health.
  • Help to improve the quality of training courses.
  • Help people find out about the needs and legal rights of minority ethnic and faith groups.
  • Create links and share information between trainers, service providers and service users.
Nurse Membership of the Ethnicity Training Network is open and free of charge to everybody. Members need to have an interest in ethnicity and health and must want to improve services.

If you are interested in learning more, please see the Contacts section for details of how you can get in touch.

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